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Google vs Amazon: Youtube will not be available on Amazon Devices

The Ongoing feud between Amazon and Google intensified yesterday, with Google announcing that Youtube will not be available on Amazon devices.

The move can be seen as part of the growing threat competitors face from Amazon across all fronts – retail, devices, voice, media – and Amazon’s ability to integrate and package it with customers in mind.

You can read more about the details about the feud here 

Youtube and respecting your customers

I want to cover a different aspect – how do users feel?

I don’t think they are happy – here are some choice comments:

“Google seems to love using YouTube as a weapon to annihilate competition”

“these companies should suck it up, play nice, and win the tech war by offering the best products, not trying to handicap their competition.”

“And yes it is not symmetrical. For literally every product sold on Amazon there are at least some but most often many really viable alternative places to go get it. No consumer is teuly harmed by any product not being sold on Amazon. There are plenty of places to get Nest. There are not truly viable alternatives to get YouTube content. While Facebook video and Vimeo do exist they are not in any way comparable to YouTube in the way Walmart is to Amazon. Both companies are doing some shady stuff but there’s no doubt it’s Goolgle that is actively harming users. And yes they’ve done it before. They are and have been every bit as evil as they swore not to be in their mission statement”

Personally, I choose a Fire TV Stick device over a Google ChromeCast because the latter failed to connect to my wifi – a running issues with the ChromeCast for over 3 years. Keeping in mind Adpocalypse and the more recent Adpocalypse 2.0, that helped alienate content creaters, I wonder if alienating users is the best next step?

What can you do? Youtube Alternatives

Youtube’s announcement had me looking at alternatives, and in the process I discovered some neat apps:

Tubi - Free Movies & TV

TubiTV – has an interesting mix of old school hits, stoner shows and b-grade. Their anime collection isn’t bad and their fare is different than what Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime have to offer


Twitch – If you love watching video game playthroughs, switching over to Twitch from Youtube should fill all your cravings

Spotify Music – pour Fire TV

Spotify – If you love music, get Spotify. Spotify’s playlists are a great way to discover new music


Vimeo – Get classy, high quality content created by filmmakers. The site caters more for long form content

Cover art

Coub – Coub is the opposite of Vimeo mixed with reddit like voting system – short funny clips on the loop

Daily Tube for DailyMotion - FREE

Daily Motion – Daily Motion is pretty much the European version of Youtube. While not as popular or having as much content, it still a great platform

What’s next: Bypassing Youtube’s block on Fire TV

For those who still want to use Youtube on the Fire TV,  we will be following any development around ports and posting those. There are ways to install Kodi on Fire TV Stick and I expect similar exploits for Youtube.

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