IoT updates from Japan and China

Japanese IoT and digital assistant market

The Japanese IoT and digital assistant market is on fire, and while the digital assistant may get replaced with more westernized solutions, the devices and their functionality certainly are worth watching out for.

In this article Marc covers some of the latest developments:

Better Than Smart Speakers? Japan Is Making Robot and Hologram Companions

The other country to watch out for – China:

While a decade ago, new technologies would rise from Western countries and be copied by the Chinese, we are now seeing the Chinese leapfrog the West. The Chinese ecosystem has been able to use it’s closeness to the manufacturing centers as well as develop an understanding of customer needs through digital means.

New facilities and solutions are also being deployed from China. Here are some interesting snippets:

  1. Chinese Customer are open to IoT
  2. ThinkPark China
  3. Qualcomm to open a smart car lab
  4. Voice Assistants and Digital Assistants

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