Why Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Matter in voicefirst ecosystems

Any discussion about voice and digital ecosystems is incomplete without discussing augmented reality, virtual reality and holograms. Voice is a great input and output mechanism on its own, but really comes into its own with synergies with other input and output devices and mechanisms.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Are Here: IMAX VR

Here is an example of voice and vr working together – last week I tried out some games at the ScotiaBank Theatre IMAX:

Image the same devices, in an office setting, enabled by voice. What you get is (but for business):

It does also highlight, another interesting question – what should be routed where? When should visuals be routed to mobile screen or TVs or AR sets. What should happen when no visual device is available?

Voice without Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Screen Size Zero

While the problem may seem new, it is not – developers and designers already manage for devices and screen resolutions/sizes. There is just a new screen size – size 0.

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