AI, VR, Voice Search and DA News From China and India

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IoT, Digitial Assistants, VR and voice search in China and India

Continuing our watch of developments within voice search and digital ecosystems, Neil Shen from Sequoia Capital China says the search for the next big platform will be the focus for 2018.

The use of the term “platform” is interesting – here he is talking about “post-smartphone” technologies, including voice search, digital assistants, IoT and VR. As discussed previously, these solutions will stack on a layer of data, accessed via AI, to provide the best services possible. And in many cases these technologies are expected to work together to deliver a solution rather than be individual platforms.

Amazon expands in India

In other international news, the Amazon Echo started shipping to India. Driven by a growing middle-class ready for new technologies and almost non-existent local competition (if you know of an company from the sub-continent working in the IoT, voice or digital assistant fields, we would love to feature them), Amazon has been heavily investing in the Indian market. As compared to news from China – which often is from competitors – this is a play to forward settle (to use a term from Civilization) the Indian market. Amazon has also expanded the skill kit and services offer to India, no doubt with approaches to large India media brands to integrate the technology.

Google your play?

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