Does Voice spell trouble for retailers and brands?

Came across this great article search –

Mark Ritson: Voice search spells trouble for both brands and retailers

Mark is spot on:

  1. the vast majority of the brands we buy in our lifetime qualify as low-involvement purchases
  2. add the dangerous, disruptive ingredient of voice search and things change

Having said this, how things change depends on what actions retailers take today to shape their tomorrow. Another industry that faced similar challenges was the news publishing industry. It bought the tech companies coolaid, it opened it’s bread and butter – it’s content – to the likes of Google. It turned from a business monetized through subscriptions to one running on ads. And now it is bleeding to a slow death.

Retailers face a choice – the choice of how to embrace voice technology. Retailers have to understand what brings users to their store – and enhance the experience customers want with voice technology. Retailers have one advantage over the likes of Amazon and Google. They have personalized, localized, and targeted shopping data.

While it is not an easy road, it is an exciting one – one that will bring new players, products and strategies and reshape the industry.

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