Alexa Blueprints – Customize your smartspeaker

Amazon newly launched Alexa Blueprints tackle a user experience problem – what to do with lack of things to do – and are a good strategic play around strategic services.

The problem Alexa Blueprints tackles

The common complaint from smart speaker owners is that there is nothing to do with the product. Sure I can increase or decrease the volume on Spotify or change channels on TV. But so what? What more can I do? And while there are over 40,000 skills on the Alexa store, finding useful skills is hard.

Alexa Blueprints is one way to tackle this problem – you can create your own interactions without knowing how to code. And while Alexa Blueprints provides some use cases, knowing human ingenuity, we are likely to see it used for use cases beyond the ones imagined by Amazon – how about using the Pet Alexa Blueprint to remind your babysitter or eldercare worker about special precautions?

Who is Alexa Blueprints for?

Is Alexa Blueprints for everyone? Not really. While Blueprints give you greater control and flexibility, it does feel technical and the average user will still feel overwhelmed when they initially open the interface. A logical future expansion is to make it truly #voicefirst – that is – the user selects, sets and test all elements through the smart speaker.

No, Alexa Blueprints is for the gadget lovers and geeks who want to share their new best friend with others. It expands the scope of engagement these evangelists can offer. It forms as a stepping stone to introduce the Alexa to others.

Alexa Blueprints and strategic fit

In any case, while equivalent to the set of services offered through Google Action, Blueprints does expand Amazon’s service and customization offering. Google your turn?


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