Factors affecting Voice User Experience: Voice Recognition

Google announced that the Google Assistant can match you to your Netflix profile thanks to voice recognition.

There are takeaways about Google and it’s strategy from the announcement.

Voice Wars: Google vs Amazon

For starters, there have been a string of pressers about some product or services integration with Google Assistant. While this is not a complete surprise, it is interesting to note the pattern – Google is actively targeting large service oriented corporations. Compare this with Amazon’s strategy of creating seamless access to products through efficient e-commerce and distribution infrastructure.

Factors in Voice User Experience Design:Voice Recognition

My bet? Experience will be the most important factor. For now, Amazon is winning hands down as it has had the advantage of having critical elements of the flow in-house. While Amazon can leverage it distribution system to cover for poor fulfillment by third parties, Google will face a challenge creating consistent end-to-end delivery of service and related experiences.

Secondly, it indicates incremental steps towards a defining feature for some important industries – voice recognition. Voice recognition is going to be essential in factor/feature in the following industries:

  • Finance, Insurance and Banking – accurate voice recognition is key to building safe, secure and private financial voice assistants
  • Automotive – as with finance, insurance and banking, voice recognition will be key in safeguarding assets as well as providing invoking skills for the desired party
  • Healthcare – voice recognition will play a critical part in rolling out services to retiring baby boomers
  • Productivity – open floor offices are the rage these days, but are not ideal for personal voice assistants. Either isolation needs to be provided or voice recognition needs to be spot on

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