Hey Apple, How can we help you in #voicefirst

Hey Apple,

We are worried about you.

Two years ago, you were leading the #voicefirst revolution; today you are considered a “has been”.

Apple’s voicefirst troubles

You have spent the past few years letting a winner, Siri, sit as a trophy rather than improve it. The improvements you did make felt like reactions rather than you stepping boldly in a new direction. While switching from Bing to Google for searches may improve response quality, it only strengthened Google’s own voice platform.

You spend millions on ideas and concepts that sound cool, but are from practical reality. While, some may buy into earpods, most consumers think they are overcomplicated, expensive and downright ugly.

And when you did take steps that were meant to show commitment for voice, you were a follower with a sub-par product that lacked vision and focus.

We are worried, because you have to understand, you cannot beat Google at the information game, or Amazon at the distribution game. This leaves you with a very limited set of plays:

Focus on customers

Your customers are different than the customers of Google and Amazon. Your customers will pay more for well-designed products that “work” – these are professionals, artists, developers and CEOs, who don’t have time for unreliable technology. These customers spend hours a day working using devices you have built. It is time to double down and reward them. Build for them!

Focus on the vendors

The other strength you have is existing relationships with vendors and 3rd party service providers. It is time to make them your partners. Every other prototyping application coming out today connects with Google and Amazon, but not necessarily Apple. Why? And what are you doing about it? Every second service company has a press release out about how it is working with Google for integration. What about you? You need a hands-on approach to integrating third party applications.

Focus on the influencers

Every influencer talking about the #voicefirst revolution is lamenting about your lack of presence and vision for voice. It is time to listen to them too – for beyond the great ideas they have, they also have a vision of the future. They have an understanding of how voice needs to be structured to provide the next level of services. They have the ability to image a world free from the profit making shackles that your internal employees, advisors and consultants have.  (PS. You probably have gone through this, but here are bunch of #voicefirst influencers talking about Apple)

It is only a matter of time before your fan base starts eroding – I have been on Apple products for over 7 years now – but cannot imagine buying my next phone, laptop or smart speaker from Apple. It is not cool anymore. It also doesn’t “just work”. It is time for you to earn your place in our hearts (and wallets). How can we help you be cool again?


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