Voice Commerce: Black Friday 2017 goes to Amazon

This Black Friday Amazon took a massive lead in the voice commerce war. I want to use this post just to showcase the numbers.

According to Hitwise, Amazon scored 55% of online transactions.

The next best was Wallmart at 8.8%. CyberMonday is expected to see the trend continue:


Amazon strengthened it’s hold on the voice commerce

The Echo dot and Amazon Firestick were the best selling products from any manufacturer in any category. Effectively, grabbing the device market – the channel to voice commerce – gives them greater control of the overall process:


Having said this, the Google Mini, currently  is not doing too poorly – but is far from catching up.

Will Boxing Day bring similar results, or will other voice platforms as well as retailers be able to fight back? If so, how? Will new strategies or tactics work? Or will be it be a loss leader strategy?



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