Voice Wars: Walmart vs Amazon battle for V-Commerce


Reflecting how threatened the competitors from Amazon’s gains in v-commerce, Google and Walmart have partnered together to fight back.Walmart will now be powering the Google Home’s Grocery and Home shopping experiences.

Google evolving it’s v-commerce ecosystem to counter Amazon

This comes on the heels of Apple announcing that it would henceforth use Google to power Siri. It makes sense – the Google’s voice solutions have heavily relied on its dominance in search – it’s knowledge of where and how to find and serve useful data. Google competitive advantages were:

  1. Excellent reach thanks to integration with Android and iOS devices
  2. Access and ability to process large amount of data into servable content

With the addition of Walmart as a source, Google has added a transactional dimension to it’s ecosystem. In addition, Google has also been actively soliciting large service corporations and partnering with them to build skills for its ecosystem.

Is this enough to take on Amazon’s v-commerce operations?

It depends – is Google’s voice ecosystem a competitive offering – certainly seems so on paper. But keep in mind that Google’s mobile reach is offset with the penetration into the US market Alexa has made through the Echo and now the Echo Dot. Similarly, Amazon’s delivery service, while having its flaws, is by far one of the most advanced logistics solutions. Finally, Amazon has already integrated product sales into Alexa and can leverage it’s existing suppliers.

At the end of the day, there is space for more than one player. Customers will be won or lost based on the ability to deliver as complete an experience through their ecosystem as possible. For now, Amazon is still in the lead.

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